MacKeeper Coupon Discount Codes 2013

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
MacKeeper: 911 for your MAC

Buying Mackeeper you already save 90% on 16 essential tools for Mac instead of purchasing them separately. And with our coupon you will get additional discount. See below for promotion details:

Get 92% off + extra 10% off MacKeeper Lite - was $39.95, now only $29.96!
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Receive 92% off + extra 10% off Mackeeper Standard.
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Mackeeper Free Download (trial) - Clean your Mac

Product Information
MacKeeper is actually the 9-1-1 for the Mac pc. It becomes an uncomplicated solution to control routine tasks plus make the Mac pc safeguarded, clean, reliable, powerful and attended! Both of them novices and professionals are going to be relaxed using MacKeeper. Its straightforward and user-friendly graphical user interface enables novices to obtain from all of its innovative capabilities. Competent owners will have plus point of MacKeeper too by playing with its various manageable options. So what can MacKeeper carry out? The clean-up programs regain a sizeable amount of area on the harddisk, achieving this immediately and properly. As for standalone tools, they maintain the Mac by covering and encrypting your confidential files, entirely wiping out the removed apps, restoring mistakenly removed files even if they were cleared from the Trash, plus more. Last but not least, MacKeeper's private online services can assist you find details to any sort of Mac-related issues and also locate your Mac pc if perhaps it gets lost. As you realize, MacKeeper fuses many valuable options for your Mac in a single app. By using MacKeeper you'll never need to be troubled about shortage of disk space, poor system performance, unintentional file loss, security breaches, etcetera.

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