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In a nutshell K-Light Solar Lantern & Flashlight is a unique, environmentally-friendly and practical solar-powered rechargeable lantern, flashlight and cell phone charging system. It is small but very durable, and this little lantern has so many uses.

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There are many uses for this amazing little lantern:

K-Light Solar Lantern & Flashlight

for Outdoor Activities
Outdoor enthusiasts know to be prepared. The K-Light solar rechargeable flashlight or lantern goes well with any outdoor activity and is designed to withstand the harshest environments. Don't forget, this lantern is environmentally friendly. You will love that feature. This covers many who enjoy the outdoors:
  • Campers - From the 1st camp out in the backyard to those who venture out into the woods. You need a light at night.
  • Hikers - When heading out on a hike you should go prepared. This little lantern fits into the tightest packs.
  • ATV/UTV/Off-Roading - Stuff happens on the trail and you may find yourself broken down just as night falls. Pack this durable lantern along for the ride.
  • Boating/Fishing - You should always have an alternative light source while out on the water. Preferably one that floats and is water-proof like the K-Light.

Emergency Lantern
This is perfect for areas where the power can be out for days or longer. When the lights go out during a storm it can be stressful even if only for a short period of time. Having a lantern that is always ready is a good idea. You will never be without light and the ability to charge your phone.

Other Applications
  • Road Trip - Handy to have in the car in case of breakdowns or other emergencies
  • Travel Companion - Getting to your destination in the dark is easier with a K-light lantern along for the ride.
  • Home Repairs - Replacing a light fixture in a closet is easier when you can see what you are doing. Use the K-light when you have to turn off the power.
  • Auto Repairs - Position the K-light to shine bright LED's under the hood or under the dash when making repairs. Doesn't get hot like other shop lights.
  • Evening Stroll - Easy to hold while taking the dog for an evening stroll. Watch your step along the way with the K-Light.
  • College Bound - Send one along with your freshman. Schools have power outages. Show them some love, pack them a K-Light.

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