Install Facebook Emoticon ChatBar Extension for Google Chrome

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
For facebook users who are using Google Chrome browser you should download and install facebook emoticon chatbar extension for Google Chrome. It is similar to facebook emoticon chatbar for firefox which I covered earlier. Yeah, it’s a plugin for your Chrome browser, it will include list of official emoticons in your FB chat box interface, so you can quickly insert and send those emoticons with a single click, enriching your chatting experience on FB chat.

facebook chat emoticon extension for google chrome
You don’t need any additional software to make it works, just use your Chrome browser. By using Facebook emoticon chatbar Google Chrome extension now you can forget all the hard remembered facebook emoticon codes, even you’re not going to type the code. Yup, say goodbye to the manual ways, all you have to do is select (click) any emoticon you want and then send it to your friends, enjoy!
install now!

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not working it says deleted by its author.

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