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Free OCR Software DownloadHow do I convert images to text? If it is the case you can use OCR software. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a tool to help you to extract any characters (words, alphabet, dots, numbers, etc.) from images, convert images or pictures or photos to editable text and then you can save it to document formats such as Microsoft word, PDF, txt, rtf, html and etc.

So if you have images from scanned documents or photo shots (jpeg, tiff, gif and bmp formats), you don’t have to re-type all characters from images to your office program, just use OCR software to convert image to text. However, the conversions are not always perfect, it will depend on image’s quality. But don’t worry; because the text is editable thus you can correct them manually.

Most of OCR programs are commercial software, there are few OCR freeware available. Here I would like to share 2 (two) free OCR software for you. If you know another softwares, please share them on comment section.

Free OCR Software Download

It is a 100% free OCR software, unlimited use for personal, educational institutions and corporate users.
download SimpleOCR

You can convert document images from scanner and digital camera (even your phone camera) to text documents. has 2 freeware products, there are TopOCR 3.1 and Babel Reader LE (for windows mobile phone).
download TopOCR


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This is awesome! I need text and image converters because of my project in school and this helps a lot with my reference materials. Thanks for posting pal. I had my friends check on your website too so that they could have their projects converted into texts or ocr too? Nice one.

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