Free Download Mozilla Firefox 3.6 For Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Internet users must be know about this browser. Yup, Mozilla Firefox is the most popular open source browser ever, and I'm sure that most of you have this browser installed in your computer. Well, few days ago has released the new Mozilla Firefox 3.6 (latest version), have you update your firefox browser? If not, take some time to update your browser. If you don't have Mozilla Firefox browser, I recommend you to use this browser. By using this browser, there are many advantages you can get in your browsing experience. It's an opensource browser and supports a large number of popular OS, so you can get the free download Mozilla Firefox 3.6 for windows, mac os x and linux.

What's new in firefox 3.6? As they stated in the website, the featured feature is built in support for Personas. It allows you to instantly change the look of your Firefox with thousands of lightweight themes. By looking at the download page, now Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Personas supports more than 70 languages. The browsing speed is also increased, 20% faster than the previous version plus improved javascript performance.

One more, when I updated my firefox browser there is a notification about outdated plugins (not compatible with the new versions), the plugins will be disabled but they will be enabled again when there is a new update on the outdated plugins. No more babbling, go to mozilla download page to get a free download mozilla firefox 3.6 for windows, mac os x and linux - supports over 70 languages.


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You will need an internet connection to acquire a copy of Firefox. As their program is free and open source it generally is not available in retail stores.this is some difficult work.

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I just recently downloaded the recent 3.6 update for Firefox and have been experiencing some very annoying problems.this is tough work for any new person.

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