Free Christmas PowerPoint Template

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Free Christmas PowerPoint Templates. Toward the Christmas and New Year holidays, many people are looking for Christmas theme, templates or backgrounds. If you want to bring peaceful Christmas holidays in your Microsoft PowerPoint slides, you can download Christmas templates and background here, all free! You can also download other free PowerPoint templates here. In the previous post I also have posted some Christmas theme for Windows 7.

Okay, no more babble, here are some Christmas PowerPoint Template / Background for you, download for free!

79 Christmas Holidays templates from Microsoft

PowerPoint Christmas Theme from Microsoft picture Download PowerPoint Christmas Background from Microsoft photo Download free PowerPoint Christmas cartoon Background from Microsoft images

11 PowerPoint Christmas Background from BrainyBetty

picture of Christmas powerpoint background from brainybetty download image of PowerPoint Christmas template from brainybetty freedownload screen shoot of Christmas powerpoint theme from brainybetty
19 Christmas templates from indezine

Santa Claus PowerPoint template from indezine christmas tree woman powerpoint background from indezine Christmas tree background for Powerpoint from indezine

14 Christmas theme for PowerPoint from Presentation Magazine

download Christmas gold tree powerpoint theme presentation magazine picture free download Christmas cake powerpoint theme presentation magazine picture download Christmas baubles powerpoint templates from presentation magazine picture

1 PowerPoint Christmas template from poweredtemplates

free christmas holiday templates for powerpoint download

Enjoy the free Christmas PowerPoint Templates :)


Andy said...

These are some great templates. Thanks for posting them all in one place. Here’s another awesome resource for PP holiday templates:

MSFT Office Outreach Team

CDMA Blackberry said...

Where I see the crhistmas themes for open office? Because I use Linux not Windows

Merry Xmas said...

Save money by making Christmas gifts that have special meaning is to create your own card by Christmas PPT Presentation Packs:

PPT Presentation team

birthday gifts said...

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seo manchester said...

Nice PowerPoint template with heaps of colorful presents, decorations, present boxes and with little snowman, designed in cheerful red and purple color, will be the best choice for presentations on Christmas, Christmas holidays, Christmas shopping, Christmas dinner and presents, Christmas Eve celebrations, Christmas traditions, family gathering, New Year celebration, and the like.

PowerPoint said...

Geeez! Some great audience you have! Lol. Well,it's always best to come up with activities you and your audience can interact. Thanks for sharing and more power!

Balaji said...

Nice and catchy Christmas web templates for the Christmas season thanks for sharing.

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