Swordfish Net 102 Dual, With Two Processor Intel Atom N270s 1.6Ghz Inside

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Swordfish Net 102 Dual, a dual CPU netbook products recently launched. This is the first netbook that use two (2) CPU / processor in the world. What makes the product different from other products is this netbook is not just has a dual core, but also has dual / two processor inside.

Swordfish Net 102 Dual with two processor Intel Atom N270s inside
This netbook with dual processor is named Swordfish Net 102 Dual. This netbook is equipped with 2 (two) processor Intel Atom N270s 1.6GHz, 2GB RAM DDR2 capacity, optional WWAN, 1.3 megapixel webcam, screen size 10.2 inch (with resolution 1.024 x 600 pixels), Hardisk capacity 160GB and Windows XP.
Moreover, Swordfish Net 102 Dual reportedly has been available in limited quantities. The price affordable enough for a netbook product that is priced only $ 449 USD. However, the netbook product is also equipped with a 3 cell battery which in turn makes the netbook can be operated with a long battery endurance (1 hour) with a pair of CPUs.


tiyo avianto said...

banyak,review...tapi tutorialnya bagus2.....

gleenn said...

why can't i find our shoutbox Angga? did you remove it or something? have a great wednesday :)

Brochure Printing said...

Oh, nice specs. A little expensive, but at least you're getting your money's worth with this laptop. Too bad there are limited supplies available... :((

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