Nokia Booklet 3G - The First Nokia Netbook

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Nokia Booklet 3G - The First Nokia Netbook. Nokia finally inaugurated their first netbook, Nokia Booklet 3G to the market. The first Nokia netbook released on the United States market is bundled with the service by AT & T. Interestingly, netbooks that use Microsoft operating system Windows 7 is sold at a price subsidized by AT & T at price 299 US dollars. In addition, Nokia also makes this netbook battery can last up to 12 hours.
Nokia Booklet 3G HSPA - The first Netbook from Nokia

"The focus of our company is how to get people connected," said John Hwang, General Manager of Connected Computer Nokia, on October 14, 2009. "We have connected the first 1 billion people in the world via cell phone. And the next 1 billion will be connected via computing devices" he said.

Hwang says, the line between phones and computers increasingly blurred. Smartphone devices like the Apple iPhone or Nokia N series now provides a full HTML browser to surf the Internet. There are also features email and internet search. And because it uses the 3G network, these devices offer more Internet applications. However, the smartphone is still too short to be able to do many tasks there.

Unfortunately, for Nokia Booklet 3G, at the subsidized price $299 US dollars, users are also forced to use the service that provides by AT&T operator, which is 2-year contract with AT&T. For the service, AT & T charges the price 60 dollars per month for 5GB data per month.

Interested buyers will be able to have it only via Best Buy outlets. For those who want to own Nokia Booklet 3G without a contract with AT & T, non-subsidized version is available for $599 US dollars.

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Brochure Printing said...

These kinds of products, no matter how awesome they sound, tend to have something like a "glitch." Like this netbook, it's cool and all, BUT we have to be stuck with AT&T and pay extra $60 for it. :D

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