New Xbox 360 ELITE, Bundled With Wireless Controller Game Pack

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Xbox 360 ELITE, Bundled With Wireless Controller Game Pack. Having a gaming device it would be very miss if until now you still don't have Xbox 360. Moreover, with the technology sophistication that are involved in Xbox 360, it is no doubt that this device is the best compare with other gaming devices. This time we're not discussing any advantages possessed Xbox 360 when juxtaposed with the previous gaming device, but we will look at what is now being offered by the Xbox 360 developer. Who knows you will be interested to have it in the near future.

For the latest generation, the Xbox 360 Elite already bundled with Lego Batman and Pure, where even if you already have an Xbox 360, certainly it would be not complete if you did not have the latest wireless controller, where you can play Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2, Lumines Live, Bomberman Live and Ms. Pac-Man with the additional cost of $ 60 USD only. Whereas if you purchase the latest Xbox 360 bundle you have to spend it for $ 299 USD.
This latest version of the new bundle will start to sell on November 2009 which is equipped with wireless controller too. So if you are interested to have new Xbox 360 Elite, you have to save your money from now to buy it.
New Xbox 360 ELITE now Bundled With Wireless Controller Game Pack

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