HP Laptops : HP Envy 13 Bundled With Windows 7

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
HP Envy 13 series notebook
HP has just introduced its HP laptops series known as HP Envy 13. HP laptop Envy 13 product will be bundled with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. Furthermore, HP Envy 13 comes with case that made from combination of aluminum and magnesium alloy. About hardware specs it powered with Intel Core 2 Duo processor SL9400 1.86GHz, ATI Radeon HD 4330 graphic card (discrete and switchable), 3GB RAM, and 250GB HDD. HP claims Envy 13 operational capabilities up to 18 hours (when using the highest-capacity battery from HP). Envy 13 has a total weight about 1.8 kg with a standard battery.

HP laptop Envy 13 has an exceptional quality in construction, and very interesting. It has a bright screen and shiny surface body. And its shape was thick and bit heavy. There are much more features from Envy 13, including Blu-ray external drives in the box and of course the real abilities of the GPU when dealing with 3D gaming and HDMI outputs.

According to the plan, HP Envy 13 series will soon be available in the market on the end of October, 2009 (maybe 18 / 22 ???). About the price, this HP Envy 13 is worth about 1700 USD. That's a fantastic price for a laptop :D


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: It's been extremely hard to find a laptop that is extremely light and thin (this thing is less than 8/10ths of an inch thick) that has long battery life (this one is lasting me about 11 hours with the battery slice) and that also carries in it top of the line DDR3 RAM, Dedicated Graphics, and a Screen Resolution that makes graphic designers drool over this 13incher (1600x900). This machine is built rugged and solid with a sophisticated look and luxury feel.

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