Google Map Layers For BlackBerry, Now Available!

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Google Map For BlackBerry is now available! Google recently announced that the latest version (ver 3.2) of "Google Maps for Mobile" is already available for BlackBerry platform. Google Maps version 3.2 brings major features and still fresh for BlackBerry users, the ability to be able to use layers. Of course, with the layer, users can view additional information that is more useful, users can use Wikipedia layers, transit details or other data regarding the location on Google Maps. For example, you can know about the history of a city by using this additional layer. This application is free, provided by Google. This update is not only available for BlackBerry users, but also for WinMo and Symbian as well. You can get the latest version of Google Maps for your phone by visiting from your phone's browser. For more information go to

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