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How to make HTML code appears in blog post? This is quite important if you write a blog about blogging trick and tutorial. Actually this is an old trick, many bloggers have written this tutorial and I am sure that most bloggers already know how to make it. Anyway, a friend of mine still ask me how to do it and I guess maybe some of you also still do not know how to make HTML or JavaScript code to be appear in blog post. Well, I guess I have just write a post about how to put HTML code in blogger post.

HTML code can not shows if you write the HTML code directly to your blog post because bloggers will execute the code. To make it shows on your post you need to encode the code. How? very simple, use to encode. Copy and paste the HTML code - and click "Encode"!

Example :

HTML code before "Encode"

How to put HTML code in blog post

HTML code after you click "Encode" button

how to make HTML code appears in blog post

Now you can copy and paste the code to your blog post to make HTML code appears in blog post.


ierone @ said...

aku juga pakai cara ini mas

kre_thek said...

ummp thx sob, tapi klo gag salah ada fitur baru dri blogspot untuk entri html deh.. coba buka2 ajah setingannya hehe


Marq | said...

Cool info! Very useful for new bloggers. They can now teach code tricks and tutorials and actually have the bare HTML code. Thanks for sharing this!

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup said...

Nice tip. I use Live Writer for everything it has a code insertion option.

bisnis pulsa elektrik said...

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peluang usaha said...

saya memang bukan pengguna blogspot
tapi makasih buat infonya.........

mungkin suatu saat bisa dipraktekkan kalo ma
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Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata di Pandeglang said...

Wouw, so just need a simple tool...
Thanks for share it.

flipnomad said...

very helpful. thanks for sharing

Website Designing Company said...

hanks so much! This has helped alot for my own blog!

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