Hullo mail Beta, Mutimedia Email For BlackBerry + Video

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Hullo mail Beta is a Mutimedia Email service specialized for BlackBerry. You can try the Hullomail newer applications for free. Although it is still in Beta version, this visual voicemail application would be very helpful when you have hard times to "unpack" your inbox to read the message.

There are many similar services for this service. Often found in pop-up ads that offer visual voicemail service for BlackBerry. One of the most popular and free is YouMail, which operate quite well with VyMail client. However, Hullomail has more benefits / features than other prior services, because not only sending e-mail and voicemail audio attachment, but this application also presents a special application for BlackBerry device.

The way Hullomail works is not far different from other email services. After the caller left a message, you will receive the audio message of the e-mail attachments. Practically, you can play it whenever you have time. You can even share, delete, and save the message. You are also free to choose the visual message which will be removed and which will be listened.
This application can be synchronized with your Gmail contacts. So you can see the sender information. You can get Hullomail application at Hullomail's website, ( from your BlackBerry browser. In the meantime, Hullomail can only be enjoyed by Javelin, Bold, and the Tour users. However, in the future this application will be able to run in other BlackBerry series.

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denpry said...

wah jamanya sekarang tambah canggih aja...hp sekarangang banyak yang keren keren

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