Cultural Changes as Business Opportunities

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Cultural changes could be an opportunities for business. Cultural changes as changes in world view, in value orientation, will lead to emergence of new seeds. As younger generation in every country are more and more exposed and oriented to global cultures, they need symbols of this global culture to express their involvement in it. Such symbols can be in the form of accessories, t-shirt, hair style, tattoo, etc. Those who have sharp business instinct would see these changes as an opportunities to set up a new business. For example : t-shirt shop, accessories shop, cellular phone shop, etc.

Lets take an example... In the last few years, we see in Indonesia the popularity of cell phone (we can see how nokia, SE, Samsung, blackberry, etc.. become very popular in Indonesia). The young people like to use this communication technology very much, and in the country like Indonesia, where public telephones are still limited, and telephone network has not reached rural areas, cellular phone is the most suitable technology for communication. For many people it has also become a new status symbol. It serves not only to connect people, but to create an image as well. These changes in the views of the Indonesian youth about their place in this world, a global world, have opened some opportunities to set up new business.

Another kind of symbol is the popular magazine. Many female students in university like to read the popular magazine, especially female magazine. They do not only need the information in the magazine, but they need its symbolic meaning as well. Those who read particular female magazine may feel superior. They may feel better off than most members of their peers. The need to have this kind of magazine is an opportunity for doing business.


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