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Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Mobile phone is an essential part in our life. This stuff will become more important if you are a business practitioner. You know, businesses are supported by information and technology (this include telecommunication and the internet). Send and receive information through phone call, connected to the internet, VoIP, email, phone conference, are things that what businessman do everyday, everywhere and anytime. All business entities are connected each other. Are you a businessman / businesswoman? If so, then I’m sure that you have a business mobile phone. But have you choose the right business mobile phone service? Did they give you the best service and the cheapest price?

I found a website, it is By searching on Google and read some preferences about this website, I think it is one of the best business mobile phones services. With 18 years experience in business mobiles, no wonder if they are very competent and professional. They offer you business mobile phones contracts with low tariff, thus you can save your money. To save more money, take a look at their business mobile deals section. There are also some services such as mobile broadband, mobile data services, vehicle and mobile data tracking, personal mobile phone contracts, etc. Unfortunately they only operate in the U.K, but if you are in U.K you can try their service. ). If you need more information about business mobiles please go to their website or call 08000938971 (free call).

About the website itself, it seems interesting, simple website, fast, easy navigation and nice product presentation. However I cannot find products comparison page. If I can give a suggestion for Confused About Mobile, I think it is better if they add a simple comparison (comparing price and benefits) page about their products (for example: business mobile phones contracts comparison)

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