Google Map Direction Gadget For Your Website

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)
Google has launched Google Map Gadget recently. This is a direction map to help visitors to know your position (example: your business) and give them the direction "how to get there". For example, let's say that you have a hotel in Yogyakarta City, Indonesia. Your hotel's address details is: Jalan Malioboro 18, Yogyakarta 55213. Your customers (tourists) want to know the driving direction from Adisucipto Airport, Yogyakarta (or other starting point) to your hotel. What they need is a step-by-step direction from starting point (Adisucipto Airport) to your hotel's location. In this case you can provide them with Google Map Widget in your website, put it on your hotel's website and let them find the direction. It is very easy to use by your customers.

To give an illustration about the hotel, here I provide you the example.

From : Starting Point (give it a try with Adisucipto Airport)
To / Destination : "Your Hotel" is an alias for your hotel's address (Jalan Malioboro 18, Yogyakarta 55213)

Setting up Google Map Gadget is very easy, just go here
To set the destination, here is the example :
Jalan Malioboro 18, Yogyakarta 55213 (Your Hotel)

For more information go to Google Webmaster Blog


clairdechugi said...

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UPrinting said...

Cool! Just learned about this. The directions would be really helpful for customers who want directions to a certain physical location. This tool would be very useful for the travel industry businesses like hotels, airports, etc.

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