A Gift From tokominiatur.com : Vespa V-111

Valid until 31 January 2015 (unless noted)

Wow, I won a gift from tokominiatur.com ~ A cute Vespa V-111 miniature

Today, in the early morning I visit Andri's blog (http://andrisetiabudi.blogspot.com/) and found an interesting post. That is a quiz that held by Andri. The quiz' prize is a Vespa V-111 miniature as figure above depict.

To win the quiz I must answer two questions. All answers must be correct. So.. what are the questions? and how I solved the question / problem?

Question number 1 :
There is 1 amoeba in a container. Amoeba takes 1 minute to breed / divided into two. After 140 minutes the container is full with amoeba. The question: how many minutes are needed for the container to be half filled?

Question number 2 :
What is the word (hidden) in this stereogram?

How to solve those questions / problems?
It's simple to answer the question number 1, just use your logic thinking.
For question number 2, some of you might be able to reveal a 3D image that hidden in the stereogram, yup... just try it to see and you'll find a word (in a 3D shape) :D
Here are some steps to see the hidden word in stereogram:
1. Hold the picture up to your nose and relax your focus.
2. Your eyes should be focused afar. Do not try to focus on the picture.
3. Slowly pull the picture away from your face, while still maintaining a distant focus.
4. Allow the picture to come into focus.
5. Repeat 1-4 until this works.

Still not works? okay don't push your eyes too hard to see the sterogram, it can hurt your eyes.

Huh.. so what are the answers ??? hehe... calm down, see the both answer in http://andrisetiabudi.blogspot.com/2009/05/kuis-berhadiah.html and read my comment :P

After all I want to say thankyou to Andri for the Vespa V-111 miniature.
Don't forget to visit http://tokominiatur.com , there are tons of cool miniatures like becak, motorcycle, airplane, andong, vespa ..etc.



kang-dwi said...

nice post.
but bacanya buat pusing :((

toko miniatur said...

thanks for your review

J3fr3D_Cappuccino said...

Bro Angga..punya paypal kan?? :))

kunjungi blog aq.. bisa dapat $$$ paypal lwt browsing ja..

bestaffiliate said...

tokominiatur tuh punya sapa ya ?

blogger33 said...

great info... keep on the good work

Pixel said...

Gua kaga ngeh bozz... tapi kayaknya keren juga artikelnya ... comment back plzz

RiP666 said...

wahh keren bro vespanya, itu die cast skala brp ? :X

Wisata SEO Sadau said...

hahaha.. kuisnya menarik juga ^^
congratz ya bro bisa menangin.. :D

gsyah said...

wah,lucu banget

Gudang Hikmah said...

masih ada ndak itu stoknya ? mau dong

Cara Belajar said...


MAnteb Sob...

mampir juga yah ^^

Cara Belajar

mumun said...

keren juga tuh miniaturnya....


mampir ya ke blog saya....

blogingtime said...

wow, pengen ikutan juga neh.. :D

katarashop said...

wah nie pesta musti di coba ... tarikane mantap ngak yah ... hahaha,
yang nyoba semut rang2

Wholesale Printing said...

Wow, you were able to find the 3d image in the stereogram? that's cool! i could never get any of those correct. good job! congratulations on winning the miniature vespa, that's a really nifty prize :D

Motorbike accident claims said...

;;) What a lukau bnanja that is great that btau to bhi bananja.

maket kapal said...

wah bagus sekali tuh karyanya, barangnya on stock atau by order?

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